The Ignite Journey

A deep dive into your aspirations and business processes –  leading to a plan of action for digital transformation, leveraging technology as a force to accelerate your business objectives.


Collaborate with executive stakeholders to identify critical business objectives to leap forward to desired future states and outcomes. 

  • Envision: Outline your aspirations and desired future state
  • Inspire: Leverage success playbooks from different industries
  • Ideate: Guided brainstorming to explore innovative ideas to accelerate progress toward objectives


Identify unmet user needs and friction points impacting customer experience and loyalty, mapping out the gap between the current state and desired future outcomes  

  • Focus: Identify opportunities for innovation in areas of focus within the business
  • See: Observe customer behavior and internal processes holding back internal teams from potential growth
  • Map: Develop an outline of challenges that technology can help resolve


Guided group brainstorming with cross-functional team members within your organization to challenge the status quo  

  • Reframe: Identify deeply held assumptions and reframe how you think about the problem
  • Explore: Blue skies solutions to come up with new solutions.
  • Model: Move from ideas to relevant and tangible solutions that can be shared and articulated with others


Develop a blueprint for achieving the solutions identified, illustrated by a skeletal MVP with an actionable roadmap for execution

  • Assess: Connect solution models to technology possibilities and develop a blueprint for implementation and adoption
  • Build: Develop prototypes to bring future user experience to life and demonstrate solution viability
  • Plan: Deliver a phased execution plan of proposed capabilities to implement the envisioned solutions