CurrencyJunction is an advanced Salesforce native currency converter that connects Salesforce with external web services like the Bank of Canada and automatically updates the desired currency’s value inside Salesforce. The app uses APIs to retrieve the latest exchange rate and updates the currency for multiple objects, making sure that all the records are consistent and regularly updated according to the time frame chosen.


Unlocking Salesforce CRM's power for currency conversion


Unlocking Salesforce CRM's power for Asset Managers

AssetJunction is an app designed for Salesforce CRM that loads, transforms, processes and aggregates financial transactions data in Salesforce. It enables Asset Managers and Funds to develop an Advisor-360 snapshot leveraging data integration and helps leverage Salesforce technologies to personalize nurturing campaigns, generate marketing insights and predictions through AI-driven analytics

Architecture / Features

Currency Syncing

Secondary currencies automatically get updated based on the current exchange rate data retrieved from different banks using API’s.

Flexible Scheduling

Seting the time frame time can update the rate on a daily, hourly, weekly or monthly basis.

Fastest implementation

Plug-and-play installation makes it easy to start and customize the app.

Unified Currency

The same currency is used across multiple objects and opportunities ensures accurate reports, dashboards and forecasts.

Subscription Plans


PlusCustomized Pricing

  • All Growth Plan features included
  • For more than 3 data sources or more than 5,000 records per source, please contact our Sales team to discuss customized processing limits and pricing

Please Contact Sales for our Onboarding Service Packages.


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